Junk Writer

January 12, 2012

Since the age of 15 I’ve been fascinated with writing. To be more specific writing in Hollywood. I’ve always found the stories in Hollywood motion pictures to be more “real” than anything in “real” life. Maybe that’s a unreal way of thinking, and maybe I am just fine with that. Since I was a child I have found solace in the idea that no matter who I have or do not have to be there for me in life’s hard times, I always have two: myself, and the movies. Watching Kill Bill for the first time when I was 16 years old, while a good majority of the audience watched the film for the bloodshed and violence (which is a ton of fun), the thing I remember being absolutely captivated by, was the dialogue. It was unique, pure fantasy, definitely not “real”. Yet, to me it seemed more real than most conversations I had; had in my life. It was poetic in a sense, and it took over my thought process for a long while. It caused a tornadoe of thoughts and ideas in my brain that I needed to write down on a piece of paper! I did just that, and while I ended up with nothing but a few ideas that went nowhere, songs/poems that are embarrassingly awful to read four years later, and short stories that are entirely too short to amount to anything much, it was a time in my life I would never change. I learned that my passion for film and writing could not be contained, that my thoughts needed to be vomited on paper, if nothing else but to please myself and my own creativity. I am sure to have more blogs on the subject of Hollywood films, both the positive and negative sides presented, but I felt it was not only important, but a full circle experience to share with you how my love for writing began, for without it I would not be majoring in creative writing this next semester at college, and you would not be reading this blog right now. If that isn’t real, than I have no clue what “real” is.